Want to support those who serve?

Each Volunteer Department hosts several events each year. From public-education open houses to company picnics. Most children have a memory of being at a Fire Station at some point during their childhood. We always have a need for members who aren’t at risk of being dispatched to a call to assist us with events like this.


Some department host large events or benefits supporting our own or area charities. These events can include hundreds of guests and require several months of planning leading up to the event date. We’re always looking for those willing to lend a hand!

Each Department has several support units that may respond non-emergently to large calls like structure fires or to support large gatherings. These units provide critical support infrastructure including facilities, nutrition, seating, and protection from the elements for long-term operations.

Rehab & Canteen units can provide a significant amount of relief for crews performing work on long incidents and we’re always looking for new members to help us staff them!

Each Department has unique needs but fundraising and awareness campaigns are a constant function for all non-profits. We have several opportunities for non-operational members to support marketing campaigns, meet with potential applicants, and work in other ways to help the organization convey its mission and how we live it.

Each Department is a functioning non-profit built and maintained on volunteer resources. We all have general corporate functions such as HR, IT, Finance, and Marketing and each department needs assistance!

If you are a corporate professional willing to dedicate some time to a very necessary cause you could directly impact our ability to provide service. We encourage you to reach out if you have any interest at all in providing indirect or direct support to your area volunteer organizations.


Know someone else who could serve?

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This site is established and maintained by the Association of Volunteer Emergency Services Professionals (AVESP) for the purposes of recruiting volunteer emergency services personnel in Prince William County, Virginia. If you have any questions or comments about the site please email